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  • "There are so many other tips that you taught us that is now part of my game. My goal is to be a solid 4.0 for my age group. My advantage is that at 73, I think I can achieve this goal."
  • "The instruction was individualized and specific, and in conjunction with the videotaping and critique really helped me focus on the areas of my game I need to work on. I received instruction on technique that I had not been given before by anyone else. The drills were very helpful, and I have brought them home with me to share."
  • "I wanted to tell you what I've done this last month. I started a journal of tracking my unforced errors. It really helped from 10 plus a game to under five. Once I got to this level consistently, I started counting my 3rd shot drops per game. My goal was to have 10 plus a game. I am now able to do this. The muscle memory for this shot has kicked in. I can't believe this has worked so well for me. You changed my game for the better."


Destination Camps
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Our clinics are either intermediate (3.0+ skill rating) or advanced (4.0+ skill rating), unless specified otherwise. The structure for our intermediate clinic focuses on fundamental strategies and mechanics that the 3.0+ player will need to reduce unforced errors and improve consistency in their game. The advanced camp is designed to help the 4.0+ player learn new strategies and techniques to effectively compete with higher rated players by focusing heavily on shot selection and strategy.
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Destination Camps

The destination camp is an extensive 3-day pickleball camp. After the 3 days (typically 15 hours on-court), you will go home more confident in your pickleball game and with a collection of skills which will allow you to play better pickleball and most importantly, have more fun.

The Destination Camp is designed for a 3.0 – 4.0 player. Topics covered will include dinks, volleys, 3rd Shots, court positioning, court awareness, and more. Each camp also comes with individual video recording which is reviewed together with the student at the end of the first day.

Camp times vary by location, but typically start from 8-10AM and finish each day at 2-4PM. A basic lunch is typically provided if there is a 1 hour lunch break.

Following camp the first day, all campers are invited to join the pro(s) for a dinner during which the individual videos will be reviewed, unless otherwise specified. (dinner cost separate)

Camps maintain a low 1:8 teacher to student ratio and are typically capped at 16 participants, providing a great environment for campers to interact with each of the pros.
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Advanced Camps

Our Advanced Camps are for those tournament players rated a strong 3.5 or above* that are looking for extensive drilling and point progression analysis. In this camp, the emphasis will be on repetition and strategy. We will not cover stroke mechanics or fundamental aspects of the game.

The camps are designed for the 3.5-4.5 level player and will typically be 5 hours per day. Each day will be broken into two sessions, a morning and afternoon session. The two sessions will usually be divided by a lunch break, with a basic lunch being provided, unless specified otherwise.

Topics included in the camp will be: emphasis on doubles strategy, movement and positioning, advanced communication. Advanced shot selection. Stacking strategies. Daily game play analysis. Match play video recording and analysis.

Advanced camps are limited to 8 participants, unless otherwise specified.

* if you are not sure of your skill rating, please contact info@risepickleball.com
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Teaching Philosophy

It is our goal to provide a safe and fun experience during which the campers can learn best practices to improve their consistency. In other words, our goal is for our campers to enjoy pickleball more through longer point rallies. With that in mind, we really focus on high-percentage play, maximizing strengths while minimizing weaknesses, minimizing unforced errors, effective court movement/positioning, and proper partner communication. Also, fun is a big focus!

Who we are

Rise Pickleball Camps is currently owned and operated by me, Rob Davidson. Helping out in too many ways to list is my wife, Shonda. I love pickleball and I love teaching. There is no greater reward to me than helping someone improve. I play at the highest competitive level, but also enjoy playing recreationally with all skill levels. Pickleball is a great sport!
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Rob Davidson

Rob Davidson

Rob Davidson is recognized as one of the top players and instructors in Pickleball. He is a full-time instructor and is one of the first instructors certified by the IPTPA. Rob has won numerous tournaments as well as being a gold medalist in the US Open and USAPA National Championships. He has worked with individuals, partners, groups, clubs, and Pickleball Magazine, catering to a variety of skill levels and group sizes. From 2016-2019, he was the director of instruction for the highly successful LevelUP Pickleball Camps brand. Now he is bringing his experience and expertise to Rise Pickleball Camps. Originally from Portland, OR, he relocated at the end of 2016 to the beautiful Pickleball- friendly city of Saint George, UT. He has a heart for teaching and enjoys helping others improve their skills and achieve their goals in Pickleball.

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